Profession/Career Spread

If you are you indecisive about your career/job decisions, these Seven cards spread give you to take right career choice.

Know About your wealth

Want to know about your wealth? These Five cards will give you fair idea about your past, present and future wealth conditions.

Check your Soul Mate

This Eight card spread gives you a complete analysis on relationship, compatibility and future relationship.

Compatible Relationship

A unique method of Numerology and Tarot reveals an insight of your relationship through vibrating numbers and sharing planet power of each other

Past, Present and Future Spread

This Eight card spread gives you a complete analysis on relationship, compatibility and future relationship

Tarot in Daily Life

To know and understand the will of the Divine - this is what Divination is all about. In other words, Divination means guidance from the Divine. The tarot is most commonly viewed as a tool for divination. Tarot is pronounced as "taro", which means the Royal path. It is a magnificent spiritual journey - a journey in the language of symbols and pictures. Different symbols, colors, numbers and objects are used in the design of tarot cards. All these have specific meaning and are essential for understanding and interpreting the cards. But this can happen only when one is open to perceiving it. More importantly, tarot readings communicate meaning because we bring to them our sincere desire to discover deeper truths about our lives.


What is given on the cards is a basic structure. Each individual card has many meanings, may be as many as 30 different meanings. Intuition of the reader plays an important role, as with intuition only he/she can choose the correct meaning of the card with reference to the given situation. The reader is just a medium, who interprets the guidance that comes from the tarot. When one reads the tarot cards frequently, it is difficult not to become convinced that some power is present that directs their distribution. A divine power affects the unconscious movements of the person shuffling, cutting, and laying out the cards, and when they are dealt, they seem to fall into positions that inevitably relate to the subject of the reading.

If you decide to consult for a reading, kindly note down all the questions you have on your mind and remember to jot down all that is predicted for you, as human memory is short. Avoid any kind of disturbances during the reading and keep a calm mind. If there is any negative situation that is seen in the future for you, do not overreact, as the reading will provide you with a precaution to be careful and not make any decision in haste.


I was always interested in the occult since childhood and have a strong intuitive power which I have harnessed along the way. Each individual is gifted with an intuitive power, though it depends on us to enhance that power. As humans, we let our emotional nature overpower the inner consciousness and then create trouble for ourselves. There have been several occasions where I have consulted tarot and other forms of astrology for guidance and invariably have come to the conclusion that we have the capacity to look into the future through our intuition but somehow we don't trust ourselves to believe in the inner spirit guiding us.

I would request all people to seek guidance whenever required but ultimately it is your life and no one in this world knows your life better than you. You are the architect of your life and what you want for your life will be decided by you.

I frequently get the question whether we can change our destiny and I would say "yes", simply because our actions of today define our tomorrow. We need to be conscious about every action or word we say because what goes around comes around. Continue doing some form of charity or good deed everyday and the universe will protect and take care of you, in the same manner if you try to harm anyone intentionally, you will pay for it. That's what we call "KARMA".

The readings provide guidance but I can't guarantee the outcome because I am just a mediator, though I have seen many of the predictions coming true. The best advice I tend to give people is that if you work towards being happy every day and be grateful for what you have, you will ultimately have a happy life. We have what we need, it's only greed which makes us sorrowful. Life is really simple; we tend to complicate it by our stupidity.

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